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Eugene Williams

Meet Eugene Williams

I’ve always believed in community. Our community is a fit for people who connect, grow, and become a stronger, better version of themselves. Combine good people with high energy, and you will have an environment you can thrive. I come from a family background of high spirits and high energy; this is what I bring to training. Everything you need resides in you, and Infinit8 Fitness is that mirror for you to see.

My training life began with my desk job. I couldn’t stand sitting still, so I decided to try strength train myself. I moved into the fire service; lugging up to 80 lbs of gear up 99 flights can be taxing, and I needed to be ready fitness-wise for anything. This leads me to train out in the elements with an outdoor Bootcamp.

Extending my passion for people and connection, I moved my career from the fire service into group training, where I indeed found my calling. Long story short, I took what I learned from teaching group boot camps to develop the Infinit8 Fitness brand. We started outside in the park boot camps to now a 2600 sq ft building, with multiple services like Large group training, Semi-Private Training, and Nutritional guidance. This growth comes from the most incredible community that anyone would love and can be a part of. Infinit8 Fitness is all about collective belief in us and our mission “To go farther together.”


Infinit8 Fitness? What does it mean?

𝟴 is the number of New Beginnings. ∞ also looks like the infinity sign when horizontal. I believe in the realm of fitness; you have infinite new beginnings when it comes to growing and changing. Every day is a new beginning to reach new goals and experience the change you want.

Here we are about YOU! We have created an environment that is about raising and praising you. A group of people who go on a journey with you towards your fitness goals.

If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go TOGETHER
~ African Proverb


  • NASM CPT, Foundations Specialist, Barbell Specialist,
    Durability Specialist, Steel Mace Specialist
  • EMT Basic, TCFP

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