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Ben Lustig

Meet Ben Lustig

Up until the age of 20, I lived a very sedentary life. I ate almost exclusively junk food and didn’t exercise a single bit. 220 pounds at the age of 18. At that time, I knew I needed to make a change. I researched fitness and nutrition and ended up losing almost 100 pounds over the following two years.

At that time, I was living in my home state of New Hampshire. The year was 2015. Fast forward three years later, and I decided to hop in my car one day and make the three-day drive down to Texas. I had no job lined up and nowhere to live. I just had some savings, and I planned to use them to set up my new life.

That’s when I met Eugene and started working out at Infinit8 Fitness. I was just a client at that time. As I began to learn the culture of i8 and the community of beautiful people, my interest quickly turned into becoming a trainer myself. By August 2019, I was coaching the classes I used to attend.

My specialties are barbell training and mobility involved in strength training, as well as a little Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the side!

I know what it’s like to be in a place physically where you’re unhappy because I was there myself, and I’ve taken the journey myself. Now I get to help other people through that journey.


  • NASM CPT, Foundations Specialist, Barbell Specialist,
    Durability Specialist, Steel Mace Specialist
  • Bachelors Graphic Design

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