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Infinit8 Fitness is more than just a gym. We are a community of like minded individuals sharing a fitness journey towards a happier mind, healthier body, and more fulfilling life. Our coaches empower members to feel great in their body, mind, and spirit with programs designed to challenge and be fun.

Welcome to Infinit8 Fitness

Group Workouts

We provide daily HIIT-style group workouts for all fitness levels. Check out our schedule page for a class time that works best for you.

Athlete Training

We have a number of small group athletic training programs for athletes of all ages and sports.

Personal Training

Our certified NASM personal trainers will provide you with a workout along with coaching and encouragement to foster growth.

Nutritional Assistance

Our coaches will meet with you one on one and help create a meal plan that best fits your lifestyle. Your coach will help you stay accountable for your meal plan and provide encouragement throughout your fitness journey.

Meet Our Coaches

Eugene Williams

Owner / Instructor

I’ve always believed in community. Our community is a fit for people who want to connect, grow, and become a stronger version of themselves. When you combine good people with high energy, the result is an environment where you can thrive!

Ben Lustig

Lead Instructor / Media Director

I know what it’s like to be in a place physically where you’re unhappy because I was there myself, and I’ve taken the journey myself. Now I get to help other people through that journey.


Teresa Wyatt

Instructor / Operations Manager

I enjoy coaching at Infinit8 Fitness because our members are the best. Our clients are kind, funny, friendly, and hard-working. I always look forward to working with each and every one of the I8Family members. My coworkers are pretty great too.

What our community is saying...

patricia_before (1) patricia_after
I can’t say enough good things about Infinit8 & their crew 🙌🏼 I joined about 10 weeks ago. I joined after having lost 78 Ibs on my own but just couldn’t seem to get further. (As you may know it can be difficult to loose more after having lost a significant amount.) I decided to change things up 🙌🏼 Since joining I’ve lost 22Ibs & 7% body fat!!!! I was able to finally reach 100Ib loss!! My clothes fit amazing, I have more energy, they taught me to loose my knee/ankle braces by helping me practice safely & restoring strength & I feel amazing!! These guys don’t just teach they encourage 🤙🏼 I’ve learned so much & continue too as I keep on my journey.
Patricia Sanchez
Lost 101 lbs
patricia_before (1) patricia_after
olivia_before olivia_after (1)
I told Eugene I wanted abs when I started at Infinit8 Fitness and he held me to it. I trained consistently (dialing back for an injury as well) but it all came down to the food. I put off dealing with macros for years until my goal couldn't be reached without me sacrificing my last stronghold. What I thought was about vanity ended up being about self control...mind over matter. Things I thought I needed daily I realized I could say no to. I still eat these and I eat plenty so no one freak out but this was a challenge and I'm thankful Eugene didn't let me quit on myself. Moral of the story: Do not come to Infinit8 Fitness unless you intend to reach your goals.
Olivia Gustin
Lost 10 lbs & 6.6% Body Fat
olivia_before olivia_after (1)

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